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Primm Real Estate Firm, LLC - Ashley C. Primm
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Hello. My name is Ashley Primm.

I would like to write for a moment about my interests, the goals I have accomplished and hope to accomplish, and the reasons I think you should do business with my firm. I also look forward to meeting with you and getting to know your interests as well.

I will start out by giving a nod to my hometown of Hillsville, VA where I was born, raised, and still live today. I could not have picked a better place to grow up than in the mountains of Carroll County! My parents are Clinton and Wanda Jane Primm, both life-long residents of Carroll County. I attended Carroll County High School where I lettered in football and baseball, in which I received all district and regional honors. After graduation, I attended Wytheville Community College where I received two Associate Degree's in Business Administration and General Studies.

After graduation, unsure of which path to choose, I decided to attend the Moseley Dickinson Academy of Real Estate in Roanoke, VA. I must say that it was the best move I have ever made! From the very first class, I was fascinated with the whole real estate process! After completion of state and national testing, I started listing and selling property in the Twin County area. I feel that I have received a very good working education in the small town real estate business since starting my career in April 2001 and continue to learn new things everyday.

After fourteen years in the business, I feel that I have been very successful. Since starting my career, I have reached and even superseded goals I had set for myself which included selling over 4.3 million dollars in sales volume (2006), averaging two listings per month, and being named the "Top Producer" for 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 with my last firm. In 2010, 2011, 2012, & 2013, I was awarded with a "Gemini Award" from the Carroll News after being voted "Best Real Estate Agent in the Twin Counties"! This was a real honor.

I feel like this has been a great start and although I am very pleased about reaching these goals, I continue to set higher goals for myself and my firm. The higher I set my goals, the more people I can help to have a wonderful home selling or home buying experience!

Thank you for giving me and my firm a chance to provide you with professional real estate service.

Thank You,

Ashley Primm

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Current Listings
$699,500   Laurel Fork, VAdetails
$449,500   Hillsville, VAdetails
$309,900 3 Bed 3 Bath Dugspur, VAdetails
$299,500 5 Bed 5 Bath Galax, VAdetails
$299,900 2 (Each) Bed 2 (Each) Bath Fancy Gap, VAdetails
$199,500 3 Bed 3 (Full) Bath Fancy Gap, VAdetails
$189,900 3 Bed 2 (Full) Bath Hillsville, VAdetails
$159,900 2 Bed 2 (Full) Bath Max Meadows, VAdetails
$149,900 6 Bed 2 (Full) Bath Galax, VAdetails
$137,500 3 Bed 2 (Full) Bath Galax, VAdetails
$137,500 3 Bed 2.5 Bath Hillsville, VAdetails
$112,500   Max Meadows, VAdetails
$99,500 N/A Bed 1 Bath Fancy Gap, VAdetails
$99,500   Woodlawn, VAdetails
$99,500   Laurel Fork, VAdetails
$89,900 3 Bed 2 (Full) Bath Laurel Fork, VAdetails
$89,900 3 Bed 1.5 Bath Galax, VAdetails
$89,900 4 Bed 1 (Full) Bath Galax, VAdetails
$84,500   Hillsville, VAdetails
$79,900 3 Bed 1.5 Bath Dugspur, VAdetails
$79,900   Pulaski, VAdetails
$62,000   Fancy Gap, VAdetails
$59,900 2 Bed 1 Bath Hillsville, VAdetails
$59,900   Hillsville, VAdetails
$59,900   Hillsville, VAdetails
$59,900   Hillsville, VAdetails
$54,500   Independece, VAdetails
$49,900   Laurel Fork, VAdetails
$49,900   Laurel Fork, VAdetails
$45,900   Woodlawn, VAdetails
$39,900 2 Bed 2 (Full) Bath Fancy Gap, VAdetails
$39,900 1 Bed 1 Bath Hillsville, VAdetails
$29,900   Hillsville, VAdetails
$29,900   Austinville, VAdetails
$29,900   Dugspur, VAdetails
$27,500   Hillsville, VAdetails
$24,500   Woodlawn, VAdetails
$19,900 to $24,500   Dugspur, VAdetails
$19,900 to $23,500 Each   Hillsville, VAdetails
$19,900   Hillsville, VAdetails
$16,500   Hillsville, VAdetails
$16,500 each   Hillsville, VAdetails
$14,500   Hillsville, VAdetails
$12,500   Hillsville, VAdetails
$9,950   Hillsville, VAdetails
$9,500   Fancy Gap, VAdetails

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